In 2006, two brothers began Matthew 25, an independent, local 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  We help strengthen and elevate neighborhoods on the west side of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. When those neighbors needed help recovering from the 2008 flood, Matthew 25 partnered with other organizations to invest more than $6 million.  We empowered people to rebuild 25 blocks and renew their neighborhoods – Block by Block.

The Block by Block program has been recognized statewide and nationally as a model for disaster recovery and neighborhood revitalization. More than 250 families were able to move back into their homes because of the work of Matthew 25. Using our neighborhood organizational and community development skills, Matthew 25 has grown today into a stable, committed organization that is a leader in finding a neighborhood’s potential and building on it. Through volunteers, partners, and contributors, our innovative programs help people strengthen their own communities.

Our Building Blocks

Central to Matthew 25’s vision is the belief in what is possible. Each program Matthew 25 sponsors starts with a need or desire to transform something or someone from what it is into what it might be. We divide our work into three categories: Food, Housing & Neighborhoods, and Education.  Learn more about our programs below.

Our Mission

Improve the health of people and neighborhoods by investing in quality affordable housing, healthy food, educational opportunities, and community building.

Our Vision

Thriving, connected communities with sharing economies, where all people are valued, talents are multiplied, and neighbors live healthy, nourished lives full of opportunity.

Our Core Values

We Believe…

  • Positive relationships are the building blocks for community.
  • Faith requires action.
  • We must build a sustainable, inclusive future.
  • Crossing boundaries and building bridges among diverse groups strengthens all.
  • Healthy communities focus on empowerment.
  • Effective mentoring and teaching changes lives.