Housing & Neighborhoods

Since the Flood of 2008, Matthew 25 has worked to rebuild and redevelop flood-impacted neighborhoods through a variety of programs, such as the Block by Block program, which restored nearly 300 homes. Today, Matthew 25 offers a virtual “toolbox for neighborhood building.”

Transform Week

Transform Week revitalizes lives and neighborhoods, one house at a time. By connecting volunteers with homeowners, we take on basic maintenance projects that might otherwise cause the entire house to deteriorate. We offer hope when people are only seeing hardship. Learn more about Transform projects and volunteer needs.

Tool Library

Gain access to a wide range of tools for home and garden projects through the Matthew 25 Tool Library.

Front Yard Club

To promote our vision of locally grown healthy food and to help foster a sense of community, Matthew 25 provides raised garden beds and fruit trees to our neighbors in the Time Check neighborhood. To join or request more information about the Front Yard Club, email cultivate@hub25.org.


Garden Beds

Our garden beds are built from cedar, measure around 3×6 feet, and are varnished with linseed oil. Instillation includes compost from the Solid Waste Agency and plant starts grown on our urban farm. Free garden beds will be delivered on a first come, first served basis to residents living in Time Check.

Fruit Trees

New for 2022 is the option of choosing a fruit tree for your front yard. While it will take patience and care before these trees start producing fruit, this addition will be an additional way to grow food in the Time Check neighborhood.


*Garden beds and fruit trees are available on a first come, first served basis and a limited quantity are available for the 2022 season. Neighbors can still join the Front Yard Club at any time, and can be put on a wait list for next year. Front Yard Club is funded by grants for the Time Check neighborhood.


Home Energy Audits & Weatherizations

Matthew 25 hosts the Cedar Rapids site for Green Iowa AmeriCorps. Find out how Green Iowa AmeriCorps can help you reduce your heating and cooling costs and make your house more comfortable through a home energy audit and weatherization. Weatherization makes your home more energy-efficient by doing things like sealing air leaks and adding insulation.

The Green Iowa AmeriCorps program in Cedar Rapids is sponsored by the City of Cedar Rapids





Grow Taylor

Learn about our investment in the Taylor Area Neighborhood. Get information about our Grow Taylor program.


Groundswell Events

We provide event space in the Taylor neighborhood by renting out our cafe and event space. Groundswell is an ideal venue for a variety of events, including community group meetings, corporate events and training, holiday parties, concerts, recitals, and more. Learn more about our event space.

Rent or Buy a Home

Find your next home. Rent or purchase safe, quality, affordable housing from Matthew 25. See our list of available homes to rent.