Derecho Disaster Relief

On August 10, 2020, a strong derecho with 130+ mph winds swept through eastern Iowa, leaving destruction throughout Cedar Rapids and neighboring communities. Since this disaster, Matthew 25 has been working with the city and other nonprofits to deliver resources.

Home Repair Assistance

Homes damaged by the derecho may be eligible for repair assistance by Matthew 25 volunteers and partners through the PATCH Program. To learn more or apply, please contact Waypoint at 319-366-7999.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you’d like to help with derecho recovery, please check our Facebook page for our current volunteer opportunities. If you have a volunteer team that can help with home repairs through the PATCH Program, please complete our volunteer registration form.


If you would like to make a donation to aid us in our disaster recovery efforts, you can do so on our website, Facebook page, or by sending a check to: Matthew 25, 201 3rd Ave SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404. You can also purchase tools and supplies that will help with our derecho home repairs from our Amazon List.

Generator Program

While doing door-to-door wellness checks, Matthew 25 staff and volunteers identified a significant need for generators for people with medical conditions, so we decided to step in to help fill this gap. We secured 60+ generators and distributed them to the most vulnerable people. As power returned to homes, we collected the generators and moved them on to other families in need.

Our Building – 201 3rd Ave SW

The roof of our main building, which houses our office and Groundswell Cafe, Coworking & Events, was partially blown off and there is extensive water damage throughout. The building will need to be closed for several months as we work to repair the damage. All staff will be working remotely while we set up a temporary office elsewhere. Groundswell Cafe, Coworking & Events will also be closed for the duration of the repair work.

Urban Farm – 437 G Ave NW

Our Cultivate Hope Urban Farm also had damage from downed trees and the greenhouse roof is gone. We hope to clear the debris and make the necessary repairs soon.